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Buyer Guide

Buyer Guide

“Buying shoes is like buying a car”
At this moment, Safety shoes are variety in term of material and specification. You should have an idea of your requirements when you walk into the store or even in online shop and you need to walk away with something you'll be comfortable wearing and worth of money for at least a few years. (Check out type of safety shoes)

If you are going to buy shoes online, a good trick is to try on the same pair in a store to ensure a comfortable fit, and then go online for the best deal. But if you have previous experience with a particular brand, then there's no need to worry about purchasing shoes online without trying them on first


There's no such thing as "breaking in a shoe" -- that goes for all types, from sneakers to boots. It's therefore a good idea to measure your foot each time you buy a pair of shoes or sneakers. Different brands have different sizes; just because you're a 12 when it comes to your sneakers, you're not necessarily a 12 in your safety shoes.

Furthermore, your feet tend to slightly swell up over the course of the day, due to the hours of walking and standing that they endure. As a result, you should try on shoes at the end of the day in order to ensure that they will be comfortable throughout.

The socks you wear when trying on a pair of shoes should be the type you would regularly wear with them. This is particularly true when trying on a shoe for daily use.

For maximum profit of your purchase, we recommend below checklist before you made the decision for safety shoes and other personal protection equipment.
o The product meet the Standard Quality
o Reliable of Manufacturer
o After Sales service
o Guarantee
o Durable and Worth of money
o Price


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