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OKI safety shoes are made from the most comfort material while protect your feet according to the standard of international.

The safety materials are carefully selected to meet the maximum protection and comply with international standard. The steel toe caps can withstand the load up to 200 Jules which equal to 2,000 kgf per square centimeter. The steel plate midsole can protect you from the bottom, when you step on the sharp items such as nail or glasses the 0.5mm steel plate will keep your feet safe from hazard. Also the NBR (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber) out sole can work very well on slippery floor such oil or acid. (see also, Material property chart)

Our collar lining which fully breathable together with high technology bubble pad can bring the most comfort to your feet. The upper leather made from real natural also ensures that the moisture is circulate from the inside of the shoe to outside better than other synthetic material. The right choice of selected material result to high thermal comfort while protect you from unexpected accident.

Check out below items, part by part to see how OKI safety shoes can deliver the most comfort and most protection to your feet.


Steel Toe Caps
o Shall retain the impact not less than 200 Jules
o Steel Thickness 1.5 mm.
o Zinc coated for anti-oxidation

Out Sole
o Made from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
o Resistant to Oil, Heat, Chemical and anti slipping
o Produced by press vulcanized
o Good friction and curving
o Reduce the potential for electric shock
o Reduce/Minimize static electricity
o Hardness compatible to standard

o Made from high quality leather and color of your choice
o Breathable like skin and mould to your feet for better air circulation inside the shoe
o Better ventilate of moisture can protect from damp feet and bad smell.
o Sturdy structure but flexible to support every movement
o High quality of collar lining for most comfor

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